Who We Are

About Todd Special Services

After working in the Air Freight industry at Emery Air Freight, Dick and Linda Todd opened Todd Transit in 1973. Through a consistent high level of service,Todd Transit developed a core of loyal customers, handling their Air and Expedited and Ground Freight Service.

In 1998 Dick and his son Mike, formed Todd Special Services to focus on the 24/7, 48 State Expedited Service as well as adding Warehousing and Distribution to its service offerings. The company started by leasing a building for a few years, but as the operation grew; it was a logical next step to purchase a 40,000 square foot facility in Rockford.

The one constant that Todd Special Services took from Todd Transit’s years of success, was the service centered focus of the company. Todd Transit had a great track record of providing consistent same day expedited service to its customers since 1973. Under Todd Special Services that consistent level of 24/7 service did not change, but was also carried over to its warehousing operation.

Today, Todd Special Services has developed its own identity, but like Todd Transit, it has developed a reputation in the industry as a consistent service provider, outperforming its competition whether it is Expedited or Warehousing.