Todd Special Services is the only Centralized Examination Station in the Port of Rockford, IL since 2007. Whether bringing cargo into Global III in Rochelle, IL or any of the rail heads around Chicago, we can help expedite the clearance process. With only 3 CES facilities operating in the Chicago market and the high volume of freight they are clearing, costly delays are common. Clearing your cargo through Rockford will allow you to avoid these delays.

Our CES is located just 70 miles West of Chicago, so we are close enough to receive the in bond freight the same day of pick up, possibly even having the cargo inspected by Customs the same day! The Rockford location puts your cleared goods less than 2 hours from Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison for delivery to the customer.

In conjunction with our CES, we operate a General Order Warehouse (GO Warehouse) for U.S. Customs. Our 1,300 square feet of secure GO space is available for those unexpected situations that can arise when importing goods into the US.

Partnering with Todd Transit (U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier) offers our customers service flexibility that is rarely found in this segment of the import business. Todd's reliable reputation provides the customer with an air freight level of service in the LCL/FCL ocean freight area. Todd's drayage service is second-to-none when it comes to meeting the customers delivery time requirements.

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