Todd Special Services is a U.S. Customs designated General Order (GO) Warehouse at RFD.

U.S. Customs General Order is a status given to imported goods that are missing the proper documentation or are not quickly cleared through Customs. Goods that sit in a Bonded Warehouse for 15 days without being cleared, are then moved to a GO Warehouse, where they can remain for 6 months. If after 6 months the goods are not cleared and duties/fees are not paid, they will be sold at auction, donated to charity or retained by the Government.

Merchandise shall be considered General Order Merchandise when it is taken into the custody of the Port Director, and deposited in the General Order Warehouse, at the risk and expense of the owner of the goods, for any of the following reasons:

  1. Whenever entry of any imported merchandise is not made within the time provided by law or regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.
  2. Whenever entry is incomplete because of failure to pay estimated duties.
  3. Whenever, in the opinion of the port director, entry cannot be made for want of proper documents or other causes.
  4. Whenever the port director believes that any merchandise is not correctly or legally invoiced.
  5. Whenever, at the request of the consignee or the owner or master of the vessel or person in charge of the vehicle in which merchandise is imported, any merchandise is taken possession of by the port director after the expiration of 1 day after entry of the vessel or report of the vehicle

For those looking to pay for the storage of GO Shipments to Todd Special Services, please feel free to use the link below for PayCargo or CargoSprint.

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